Does Safeco Have Cheap Auto Insurance Rates?

Last Updated on November 28, 2020

When shopping for auto insurance, it’s important to make sure you’re getting affordable rates that won’t break the bank. Safeco is a company that you might be considering for your car insurance, and while they don’t offer the cheapest insurance for everyone, they do have affordable rates for some customers.

How is Safeco auto insurance rated? What do their insurance rates look like? What discounts do they offer for car insurance? What are the pros and cons of using Safeco? Below, we’re explaining everything you need to know about Safeco’s car insurance coverage.

Does Safeco Have Cheap Auto Insurance Rates?

Safeco Company Profile

Safeco is part of the Liberty Mutual Group and is based in Seattle, Washington. It was originally founded in 1923 as the General Insurance Company of America and mainly focused on property insurance. Three decades later, the company changed its name to Selective Auto and Fire Ensurance Company, which is abbreviated as Safeco. They are most well-known for their car insurance products, but they also offer property insurance and a few other types of specialized insurance products.

What Car Insurance Products Does Safeco Offer?

Safeco offers a wide variety of different car insurance products. Of course, they offer liability coverage, which is required in all states and will protect you if you are held liable for medical bills or damages to someone else’s car. For further coverage, they provide comprehensive and collision insurance, which will pay for damages to your own vehicle in the event of an accident. They also offer personal injury protection and underinsured motorist coverage, both of which are required in some states.

They also offer a number of other vehicle policies. For example, you can get insurance for your motorcycle, classic car, RV, boat, off-road vehicle, and more. They also offer add-on coverage options for your policy. For example, you can choose to purchase emergency roadside assistance, which will help you in the event that your car breaks down on the road. They even offer a valet service, which means that if you are in an accident, they will deliver you a rental car and then take your car to the repair shop and return it at no additional cost. They also offer convenient rental car reimbursement if you do need to borrow a car for a significant period of time due to a claim. You can also add glass repair coverage to your policy, which will conveniently cover any glass replacement you need.

What Are Safeco’s Auto Insurance Rates Like?

Safeco offers affordable insurance rates for many customers, but they aren’t usually the cheapest on the market. Where Safeco can really be competitive is in providing insurance options for older Americans. Their average insurance quotes for drivers over 40 are usually very good when compared to other nationwide car insurance providers. However, their insurance rates for young drivers and families are generally a bit more expensive than their competitors.

Here are some sample Safeco auto insurance quotes from Wallethub:

  • 21-year-old driver: $334 / month
  • 30-year-old driver: $246 / month
  • 42-year-old driver: $228 / month

To paint a broader picture of what Safeco’s rates look like, here are some additional quotes from ValuePenguin:

  • 18-year-old male driver: $9,806 / year
  • 42-year-old married couple: $3,550 / year
  • 81-year-old female: $2,040 / year
  • Family with 17-year-old son: $8,686 / year

As you can see, Safeco’s rates for younger drivers can be quite high, but for older, more experienced drivers, their rates are very competitive.

What Discounts Does Safeco Offer?

Safeco offers a number of discounts to help their customers save money on their policies. Some of these include:

  • Maintaining a safe driving record. This will actually qualify you for a rewards program, which helps you maintain a high discount if you continually drive safely. You can also earn additional discounts for taking a driver’s safety course.
  • Bundling insurance policies. If you choose to purchase property insurance from Safeco as well, you can save money on both policies.
  • Insuring multiple cars. If you have multiple cars on your Safeco policy, your rate per car will be lower.
  • Low mileage discount. If you only drive occasionally, this is a key discount to look out for. By either using public transit more often than your car or by driving less than 8,000 miles per year, you can earn a big discount.
  • Driving a car with safety devices, like anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices. 
  • Using Safeco Right Track. Right Track is a telematics program that helps you earn discounts with good driving habits. When you sign up for Right Track, Safeco will mail you a device that you can put in your car to track your driving habits. When you drive safely, your discount can increase.
  • Using Safeco Rewind. Safeco Rewind is an accident forgiveness program unique to Safeco. Like Right Track, it’s a telematics program. It monitors your driving habits after an accident in exchange for accident forgiveness.

What Are the Advantages of Using Safeco?

Safeco is available nationwide and is part of Liberty Mutual Company, so it is very accessible. If you want to talk to an agent at any point about your car insurance, it’s very easy to do so. They also have very competitive rates for older drivers, so if you’re over 40, it’s worth looking into what they can offer. They also offer a good selection of discounts to help you save some extra money on your premiums.

What Are the Downsides of Using Safeco?

While Safeco’s insurance options are very cheap for older Americans, they usually don’t offer great rates for younger drivers. Safeco also gets below-average reviews for their customer service. Reports on their customer service vary depending on where you live – for example, California sees better service reports than the central and southeast regions of the country.

Another downside of using Safeco is that you cannot file claims online. You can only file claims over the phone or by finding a local Safeco agent. However, they do have a website and mobile app where you can track the claims you have already filed.

Safeco also receives a higher-than-average number of complaints when compared to its competitors. If you are interested in using Safeco for your car insurance, it’s important to be aware of their reputation for less than perfect customer service.

Final Word – Our Safeco Review

While Safeco doesn’t have the cheapest rates on the market, they can offer affordable policies for certain types of drivers. Young drivers and families probably won’t find the best rates through Safeco, but older, more experienced drivers can. Regardless of your age, Safeco offers a multitude of discounts that can help you can on insurance. Their Right Track and Rewind features are unique options that give them an advantage over it’s competitiors.

Safeco is available nationwide. To see if Safeco can help you save some money on your auto insurance coverage, please contact your local Safeo agent today.

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