Daniel from Portland, ME Asks – “How do I know if I need a nonstandard auto insurance policy?

Our Answer:nonstandard car insurance

Standard policies are for the average driver with no high-risk situations, like a DWI. Nonstandard car insurance policies are for drivers that insurance companies consider riskier to insure.

This includes:

  • Drivers with DUIs or DWIs on their records
  • Young, inexperienced drivers (typically those under 25)
  • Drivers over a certain age, typically 70 years old
  • Drivers of high-performance vehicles
  • Drivers with multiple driving violations on their records

Am I Branded For Life?

If you have been designated as nonstandard by your car insurance company, you may be concerned that you will keep this status indefinitely. Not so. It is possible to improve your driving record, if that is the issue that caused your nonstandard status, and if you are under 25, one day you won’t be, and auto insurance companies will eventually deem you a competent driver.

With insurance companies under fierce competition, more and more drivers find themselves listed as nonstandard on their car insurance. It’s not a mark against your personality, so you shouldn’t focus on it as a label.

How Do I Get Car Insurance That’s Nonstandard?

Most traditional car insurance companies don’t offer coverage for high risk drivers, so you will have to work with a company that does. These are harder to find, but companies like Victoria Insurance and The General offer competitive rates for nonstandard policies. You will pay more than a standard car insurance policy, of course, but you might be surprised to learn that you get all the same coverage you would with a standard policy. You might even get more coverage since you are considered higher risk.

How to Remove My Nonstandard Status

If you want to switch back to standard status for your car insurance policy, find out how long you need to have a good driving record to be insured by one of the car insurance companies you’re interested in. It may be just a few years. Once you’ve driven that long with no DUI, DWI or major traffic violation, get car insurance quotes from the top car insurers like Progressive and Allstate. Make sure you meet their requirements for a standard car insurance rate before you switch insurance carriers. If you have questions about your nonstandard status, contact your car insurance agent to get them answered.

You don’t have to be a nonstandard, high risk driver forever. Make safer driving your objective, and drive a car that is not considered high performance. Work to restore your driving record, and before you know it, you will be eligible for a standard car insurance policy once again!