How To Get Auto Insurance Discounts Through Taking Driving Classes

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Is it true? Can you really get auto insurance discounts just by taking easy defensive driving classes? Yes, it really is. Auto insurance discounts are often given to drivers who take concrete actions to improve their safe driving behaviors and driving skills, since you will probably file fewer claims if you are a safe driver. It makes perfect sense.

Drivers on the lower end of the age spectrum can typically save on their premiums by going through qualified driver training or a defensive driving course, and older drivers are also offered a discount for that kind of training.

Driver Training Discounts

A lot of auto insurance companies give discounts to young drivers who finish a driver’s education program, since those drivers are a lot less likely to take part in dangerous driving behaviors and get into auto accidents.

The specifics of the discount will vary by car insurance company. Think about comparison-shopping for auto insurance discounts and quotes before you choose a provider.

Discount Requirementsdefensive driving discounts

The requirements to get the discount usually vary by state and car insurance company. In general, you will need the following to qualify:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Finish a driver’s education course
  • Have proof that you completed the course

There are states that will let you get by with online courses, and other states will make you take the courses in person.

Discounts For Defensive Driving

If you have gone through with a defensive driving course, you could be eligible for an auto insurance discount. Based on your car insurance provider, you could even get a lower rate on the course. You should ask your auto insurance agent about whether or not you can get a discount on it. Just give him a call. You can usually find the car insurance agent who is supposed to be working with you by logging into the official website for your car insurance company. A picture, name, and phone number of the person assigned to work with you should be right there on the dashboard when you log in.

Save On Auto Insurance With A Defensive Driving Discount

To sum it up really quickly, accidents can happen to any driver. However, if you go through with a defensive driving class, it will lower your chances of getting into an accident – and most car insurance companies will reward you for the effort. Some car insurance companies may only offer this discount to drivers over or under a certain age.

Look For A Defensive Driving Class

A lot of states offer defensive driving classes or accident prevention courses. These classes are often certified by the Department of Public Safety or Motor Vehicles in the state, and they can be taken online or at a local driver’s education school.

What Should You Expect At A Defensive Driving Class?

These classes usually include a summary of traffic laws, environmental hazards, basic car maintenance, and alcohol and drug education. Drivers have to successfully finish the state-certified course with a grade that is passing in order to get the defensive driving discount.

In some states, the discount is available to drivers of only certain ages who have successfully passed a defensive driving or accident prevention course. The discount amount varies, of course, but it is usually around 5% off your insurance premium.

A defensive driving course is not just for young drivers and people who have gotten in trouble with the law, people who are forced to take the course as part of a court-mandated sentence. A defensive driving course is a fun way to brush up on your driving knowledge and skills, and you will be surprised at what you learn in a course like that. Expect to meet people interested in improving their driving, safety-conscious people, and maybe some people there to fill their court-required obligation. If you have never been in a defensive driving course before, consider it a great opportunity to experience something new and interesting, versus dreading it as something boring or unnecessary. You could get a lot of benefit from the course, much more than you would think at first glance (plus, you could meet a date!)

Additional Ways To Save

Most car insurance companies want to reward you for being a good driver, that’s why many states have started usage-based driving programs that offer discounts for good driving. Another way that car insurance companies can see whether you are a good driver, or at least guess as much, is if you complete a defensive driving course, and provide documentation that you finished the course. You could also find out if the company you have insurance with has an accident-free discount. Ask your insurance company what ways you can get rewarded for being a good driver, or showing them that you intend on being a good driver.

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